Katja Kossakowski
Katja Anelia
Ayurveda-Medicine & Gestalt-Therapy
I am happy you are here
Ayurveda-Medicine & Gestalt-Therapy
Come home to yourself

Do you want to bring more balance into your life and feel comfortable and at home in your body? Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life?

In my work I give you the space to learn to feel yourself and show you ways to get closer to your body, mind and soul. You learn to read your needs better, to stand up for them and to fulfill them.

Among other things, I work with the humanistic psychotherapy method Gestalt therapy, with the traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda and other body-orientated healing methods such as bodywork, breathwork and systemic therapy.

My work is complemented by elements of sexual therapy and trauma therapy as well as spiritual practices such as meditation, rituals, dance, breathing techniques and yoga practice.

In addition, my work includes many experiences and self-studies in the areas of non-monogamy, sex positivity, alternative concepts of life and love, queerness and sensitivity around cultural diversity.
My Services
I accompany you with an analysis of your constitution, ayurvedic diagnosis, nutritional and lifestyle advice, massages and treatments, elimination procedures, herbal medicine
With Gestalt-Therapy we dive into a deeper understanding of your current life circumstances through your body and experiences. I support you to try out new ways of interacting and being.

We learn about cycle awareness, hormonal balance, herbal medicine, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, diseases, sexuality and much more
I am happy to get to know you!
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