Katja Anelia

“What is may be and what may be can change.”

Werner Brock

What is Gestalt-Therapy?
Gestalt therapy was developed by Lore Perls together with her husband Frederick S. Perls (both originally psychoanalysts) and Paul Goodman (social critic and writer).

It is a form of psychotherapy in which we can get to know ourselves in our wholeness.
In the here and now, issues are worked on whose origins often lie much further back in time. It explores how old wounds and the often unconscious way we deal with them show up in our current lives.
Experiences can be actively re-experienced and can be worked on in a lively way.

Gestalt therapy does not use fixed concepts. The process develops individually and in the here and now. The inner perception is significantly trained for the healing process and an unconditionally accepting basic attitude for everything that is is practiced.

The body and the emotions are included in the therapy as well as the mind and the soul. All aspects of being human are to be grasped in Gestalt therapy. The human being should learn to perceive themselves as a whole again and be able to develop from many separated parts into an integrated "Gestalt".

How does a session look like?
In Gestalt therapy, I, as a therapist, do not act as a superior expert, but as a tangible, present companion who accompanies you authentically on your self-exploration in a safe and loving way. The relationship between me, as therapist, and you, as my counterpart, is an essential part of the healing process. Your life issues, which are currently showing up in you, will be creatively experienced and worked on.

The therapeutic processes refer to the here and now experienced and aim at you becoming aware of your own patterns that are hindering you, but also of your still unrecognized strengths and finding more and more into self-responsibility and self-determination
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