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Healing occurs where we create space to get to know ourselves and let our inner wisdom heal us.

Experiencing this self-healing power is something that has fascinated me since my youth. At first I looked for it externally, trying to help other people to become healthy.

But soon I realized that healing first had to happen within me to make my work possible. Through eating disorders, early childhood complex trauma, depression and psychosomatic illnesses, my path led me deeper and deeper into self-knowledge and self-responsibility. I learned that this takes time, trust and safe spaces to heal.

Trained in nursing, I quickly realized that there was often no space to get into deep contact with oneself. In the fast paced procedures and measures reduced to symptom treatment, there was little time for rest, the gentleness and company that self-knowledge needs.

That's why I now treat as a naturopath using methods that are gentle, natural and sustainably effective.

Become, who you already are.

Become, who you already are.

Part of my path was getting to know and experiencing Gestalt therapy, which as a holistic, value-free and experience-oriented form of psychotherapy enables profound changes on the relational level possible.

It is about the path of becoming whole and to experience life in the here and now as it is.
I combine my professional experience as a Gestalt therapist with my personal healing path in Gestalt- and Psychotherapy and the influences of grounded spirituality, nature, creative expression, music, conscious sexuality and much more.

Ayurveda came into my life when I was in a very difficult relationship with myself. As a mother of two young children, living in Brazil, I was often confronted with a feeling of being unsupported and overwhelmed. I gradually learned through Ayurveda to actively support my body and mind in healing and maintaining health. Ayurveda still teaches me to better understand and respond to my body's needs and limitations.

My personal and professional experience and love of Ayurveda informs my work as much as my conventional medical knowledge. It is complemented by European naturopathy to include sustainable and local products and foods.

Cyclical Health
We humans are cyclical beings and are subject to the rhythms of nature.
People with uterus often feel this particularly strongly. Using Ayurvedic, European and South American natural medicine, I address the special needs and realities of life around the body's cycles. This is about understanding us as cyclical beings and a better understanding and healing of the physical and psycho-emotional issues within. Addressing societal and systemic effects on all of us is also part of my work.

The work I offer is culturally sensitive, queer-inclusive, trauma sensitive and nervous system regulating.
The sessions can be done in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
 Healing is something that happens, when we make space for it to happen. 
Professional Qualifications

    • November 2023 Training level 1 Empleasurement Bodywork, De-Armouring and Yoni-massage with Sanya Alaya in Berlin

    • October 2023 training in Deep Listening by Rosamund Olivier in Rigpa Berlin

    • Since 2022 Self-Employed Heilpraktikerin (Holistic health practitioner) for Ayurveda and Gestalttherapy.

    • 2022-2023 Gestalt Therapy training at Prana, Leipzig

    • 2022 Training Ayurveda for people assigned female at birth, hormone balance, trauma and eating disorders at Rolling Tiger Berlin

    • 2021-2022 Training Ayurveda- Medicine at Sonne und Mond , Berlin

    • 2018-2021 Training as an alternative practitioner in self-study with the support of Brigitte Bodammer in Berlin and granting of the Heilpraktiker*innenerlaubnis after review of the health department Tempelhof-Schöneberg

    • 2021-2022 Work in the ayurvedic oriented general practice Dr. Klinkenberg, Berlin

    • 2020 Training in Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma at the Ayurvedic Hospital PVA Kannur, Kerala, India

    • 2020-2021 Consulting in the Kontaktstelle PflegeEngagement Berlin Neukölln.

    • 2015-2019 Individual assistance for people with disabilities

    • 2013 Initiation in Reiki 1 and various medicinal plant courses in Bahia, Brazil.

    • 2013 Study of social work Alice Salomon University Berlin

    • 2013 work as nurse in ambulant health-care Felix Pflegedienst for people with psychiatric Diagnoses and HIV

    • 2010-2012 Work in the acute psychiatry Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln, Berlin

    • 2008 Work in the North London Hospice , London, Great Britain,

    • 2007-2010 Training as Nurse and health care assistant Vivantes Berlin
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