Systemic Coaching
Coaching for all aspects of life
"I see my path but I dint know where it leads.
Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it"
-Rosalina de Castro-
Let's find the way to your own truth
Do you know how sometimes you just get stuck?
We all need support sometimes when we get stuck, when we can't get any further on our path or in a relationship.

With systemic coaching, we work together on your goals and your path.

We ask ourselves together, where do you want to go and how do you get there?

We involve your entire system, i.e. your environment, and work with various methods to support you in walking your path with self-determination and self-confidence.

The Coaching also includes geo-political and trans-generational topics and incorporates them into the process. The realities of BIPOC, LGTBQAI+, FLINTA* , people with disabilities and other people who have experienced structural discrimination are sensitively supported.
I will be happy to accompany you on these topics:

  • Sexuality and libido
  • Sexual orientation and gender
  • Eating disorders and body image
  • Relationship issues and crises (monogamy and non-monogamy)
  • Career choice and vocation
  • Life path and reorientation
  • Community and activism
  • Neurodiversity, chronic illness and disability
  • Death and grief
  • Spiritual practice
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