Katja Anelia
(in person or online via zoom)
First Ayurvedic Consultation


Anamnesis incl. determination of Ayurvedic constitution (prakrti) , determination of existing imbalance (vikriti), pulse and tongue diagnosis, diagnosis of the face.

In addition initial recommendations on diet, rituals and behavior to integrate the information into the current reality of lif

90 min – 120 Euro

Follow-up Consultation

Here we discuss therapy plans, nutritional counseling, the course of treatment and, if necessary, further treatments.

45 min – 60 Euro


We dive into the personal, relational, psychological and spiritual aspects that present in the here and now

60 min – 80 Euro

Nature- Sessions

We go together into nature and into deep processes influenced by the current natural environment. Gestalt therapy and Ayurvedic counseling nature.

(Berlin Wuhlheide and Plänterwald)

60 min - 80 Euro

120 min - 160 Euro


Goal-oriented individual coaching on specific life topics around health, career, personal development, sexuality and relationships.

60 min – 80 Euro

Consultation packages

Package 1: Anamnesis + 2 follow-up interviews á 45 min

Package 2: Anamnesis + 5 follow-up interviews á 45 min

220 Euro

390 Euro

Massages and Bodywork

The times of the applications are composed as follows:

short pre- and post-talk, treatment.

I use only high quality, traditionally produced herbal oils. Since they remain on the body for a while after the application, please choose clothes that can get oily. Please also take a head covering with you for the way home.


Soothing ayurvedic full body massage with warm high quality traditional herbal oils

60 min:

70 Euro

90 min:

100 Euro


Invigorating ayurvedic full body massage with raw silk gloves

60 min:

70 Euro

90 min:

100 Euro


Soothing foot massage warm high quality herbal oils incl. soothing herbal foot bath

40 min:

50 Euro

Sirobhyanga und Mukabhyanga

soothing head and face massage with nourishing herbal oils, exfoliation and natural face mask

50 min:

60 Euro


Application of herbal oil or ghee into the nose incl. steam bath and facial massage,

for Vata and Kapha disorders

30 min:

40 Euro


Laxative purgative procedure for Pitta disorders with castor oil

30 min:

30 Euro


Enema with herbal decoction for Vata disorders with instructions for home use

30 min:

40 Euro


Enema with herbal oil or ghee for Vata disorders with instructions for home use

30 min:

30 Euro

BODYWORK inclusive Coaching and full body massage
Exploring sensuality and De-Armouring

180 min:

330 Euro


  1. I recommend booking at least two follow-up appointments in addition to the anamnesis consultation to ensure optimal support.
  2. The physical treatments are charged additionally and can be offered both Ayurveda-medically and as self-care.
  3. Serious health or psychological complaints require an individually tailored longer-term accompaniment.
  4. All treatments are trauma-sensitive, resource-oriented and adapted to the individual life reality.
My prices are based on the fee schedule for Heilpraktiker*innen and are private services. Private health insurances and supplementary insurances cover the costs partially or completely.
The service is paid in cash on site or transferred in advance.
Cancellation 24 hours before the treatment is free of charge, after that I charge 100% of the treatment costs.
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